A Wonderful Moment of Protech 9th Anniversary


From 30th June to 1st July, Protech held a two-day field training for celebrating the 9th anniversary of its establishment.

Despite just two days, all staff experienced a lot. During this period, we might encounter some problems and different opinions, luckily however, every team united together to complete activities perfectly one after another .One thing, I was sure that every member realized the importance of the team and also we became a step closer. What’s more, there were so many moments we are touched by each other’s help, care and effort.

After high-intense but interesting and beneficial activities, we also were enjoying our leisure time-having a nice dinner, a cheerful chatting, a relaxing strolling, etc. In particular, at dinner party, our boss shared some stories of the development path of Protech and made the future plans, besides some senior employees talked about the change of the Protech through these years, which was inspiring and meaningful, only through our joint efforts can we create a better future for Protech.

Last but not least, we would extend thanks to our company for organizing this activity, and providing us with a chance to know more each other and also learning a lot, we hope that every one of us can grow up in this big family, a better Protech, a better ourselves.