As a reliable supplier, our vision is to be a trusted partner, be a one-stop hub for customers and partners, so we will always work with customers and grow with customers. Professional research and development help is offer to customers, as well as tailor-make OEM and ODM service and a technical support team.

Customer satisfaction is our persistent pursuit , to guarantee quality and improve efficiency, one thing that must be mentioned is we introduce SMT, the abbreviation of Surface Mounting technology, is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of PCB. In the industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board.


At this moment we have 3 machines of SMT. With SMT, the benefits include but not limited to:

  • Much higher component density and many more connections per component than the old through-hole technology;
  • Small components saves in weight & volume;
  • Better mechanical performance under shake and vibration conditions;
  • Lower defective rate, compared with those who does outward processing or those who using the old through-hole technology, we can better control the manufacturing process;
  • Lower resistance and inductance at the connection; consequently, fewer unwanted RF signal effects and better and more predictable high-frequency performance;

Most importantly, the product cost will be lower and lead time will be far more quicker!

R & D

R&D is an important means for achieving future growth and maintaining a relevant product in the market. In fact, we dedicate a significant part of our resources towards developing new versions of products or improving existing designs.With so many years devoting to R&D department,we now have strong capital and technical back-up as well as the first-class working team for research and development.


By investing 10% annual turnover in R & D every year, we launch successfully many new amazing products.

The R&D may take months or years to yield fruitful results. Manufacturers of a variety of products like us utilizes below process for new product development and innovation.
We have 8 English-speaking engineers having an average of 5 years relevant experience in the A/V industry. They utilized their expertise to create up 3-4 new products every month. Latest released HDMI 2.0 that boast the latest technologies. Meanwhile, our engineers can be assigned overseas to work and complete a project with customers together.

We do extensive research before we produce any sort of new products, to ensure the highest performance and modern design. We strive to give you the best customer service available on the market, we would love to hear if you are truly satisfied with our R&D products.



Packaging Design:

Today’s market requires sharp and eye-catching ideas. Packaging comes before product itself on the shelves of marketplaces. Through thousands of projects, we provide experienced packaging design services for clients to ensure the look is equivalent to the quality of products inside. Blister, card-box, insert-cards and all types of packaging materials are available.

Innovative design for modern electronics products:

Protech provides turnkey design services for OEM and ODM clients from ID design to product design and to packaging design. With numerous case studies and designers focusing on today’s market, we provide cost- effect, manufacturing- efficient and stylish designs for users.

Industrial and Mechanical Design:

We also offer product and enclosure designs in plastic and metal solutions. Development services for prototypes and tooling for production are standard procedures.

Electronics and PCB Design:

Protech offers complete PCB design services, incorporating technologies advancement, complex materials, and signal integrity. We design the PCB to match the application needed to achieve the production quality and economic measurement.


Support Team

Excellent customer service is a must to our valued customers; a professional and technical support time is always standing by to service you.

Our support team is business relevant, technical knowledge and knows well about your request so that we can offer customer excellent customer service. The service we provide include but not limited as following:

  • Respond to inquiries within 24 hours;
  • Technical support at any time;
  • OEM & ODM;
  • Stock service;
  • 24 months warranty;