ARC, along with help from CEC, can simplify your home theater system in two important ways. The first, and perhaps most useful feature HDMI ARC brings to casual users is the ability to use one remote for all of your audio device’s most common functions. For this example, you may need to go into your TV’s settings and activate CEC (Consumer electronics Control), usually found in the general settings. Once everything is set up, your TV remote control could power on your A/V receiver or soundbar at the same time as your TV, and control the volume of either of those devices. Simplicity is the name of the game here. Continue reading HDMI ARC and eARC

Do I need to buy Premium HDMI Certified Cables to watch 4K?


The Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program — the brainchild of industry body HDMI Licensing — is a way to identify cables that have been tested to perform at a specific level, i.e. they can pass 4K content.

But wait, you ask, can’t any High Speed HDMI cable pass 4K content? Yes, as long as it’s a true High Speed HDMI cable.

Though superficially an altruistic way to help people get the right cable, this program could also be an easy way for cable manufacturers to fleece an unsuspecting consumer. Continue reading Do I need to buy Premium HDMI Certified Cables to watch 4K?