HDMI™ HDBaseT Extender Supports 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 at 40 Meters and 1080p at 70 Meters with RS232 Passthrough, USB Unidirectional Signal Transmission and Single Ended Powered Function

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The HDMI™ HDBaseT Extender lets you control your source device from up to 70 meters (230 ft) away over a single cat5e/6 cable connection, with uncompressed 1080p signal and 40 meters (130 ft) at 4K@60Hz 4:4:4. This extender has been specially crafted for a smooth, tidy setup. HDBaseT technology allows for a single cable to be installed, to seamlessly integrate by using existing CAT5e or CAT6 infrastructure, avoiding the hassle of running multiple cables, while reducing potential failure points. It features a two-way single-ended power supply enabling either the transmitter or receiver to be powered by a single 12V power supply.

  • Support HDCP.
  • Support Full 3D, 1080p, 4K@60Hz resolution at 70m.
  • Compatible with 4K@60Hz YUV 4:4:4 at 40m.
  • Support HDBaseT 2.0 over a single CAT5e/6/7 cable up to 70m/230ft.
  • Support transmission distance: over cat6 cable 70 meters at 1080p@60Hz 36bit and 3D 1080p @30Hz 36bit; 40 meters at 1080p@60Hz 48bit, 1080p@120Hz 24bit, 3D 1080p @30Hz 36bit, 4K@30Hz 24bit and 4K@60Hz 24bit.
  • Support Bi-directional IR Remote.
  • Support 3.5mm audio and RS232 signal bypass.
  • Support remote USB mouse and keyboard connection (up to 2 ports at receiver),follow the USB1.1 and USB2.0 Standard.
  • Support Consumer Electronics Control function.
  • Support uncompressed audio such as LPCM7.1.
  • Support compressed audio such as DTS, Dolby Digital (including DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby TrueHD).
  • Supports two-way single ended power supply feature, 12V power transmitted over cable by each side.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.